Success stories

Montaser is the team leader for both the Payload and the Ground Station teams in the JY1-SAT project He is a 5th year Electronics Engineering undergraduate at Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology – Yarmouk University. Prior to joining the JY1-SAT team, he founded a project called SunewnewSat which aimed to design, build and launch the first Jordanian PocketQube satellite into Space. He was then recruited to form the first batch of JY1-SAT’s student team.

In the JY1-SAT project, He has participated in designing and building the first engineering models of JY1-SAT which are intended to be a low-cost and educational platform of demonstrating CubeSat technology to Jordanian students. He also managed the ground-station team under the supervision of RJRAS (Royal Jordanian Radio Amateurs Society) in building JY6JY which is a dedicated satellite communications-ready ground-station to be used to communicate with JY1-SAT once in orbit.

Montaser is the youngest licensed class A radio amateur in Jordan with the callsign JY5IP. He is also the NPoC (National Point of Contact) of SGAC (Space Generation Advisory Council) in Jordan.

As of May 2017, Montaser joined the RF&E (Radio Frequency & Electronics) team as an intern at ISISpace – Innovative Solutions In Space located in Delft, the Netherlands. ISISpace develops satellite solutions and designs complete CubeSat missions for customers all over the world.